New Music From Rllrbll

I don’t think I had the chance to write about one of my fav US bands – Rollerball, so this is a good chance to do so.
Rollerball are a trio from Portland, OR that has been playing for 14 years or so. Since I don’t live in the hood, whenever I talk about them to Americans, they are treated as a cult band, in the best sense of the word. A band that seems like it always been there and will be here for many years. Good.

They have released couple of amazing albums (Catholic Paws/Catholic Pause, Behind The Barber, Real Hair) next to ‘just great’ albums
and always kept the best and highest standards to their music. A strange and beautiful mixture of jazz, post punk, alternative and indie rock (what does it mean anyway?) and general weirdness.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard of new music coming from them, but the waiting is over – a new free d/l EP called Murwa Mbwa is available via their loyal label Silber Media, with five new tracks, outtakes from a future 2012 album.
The band had recently changed their name to Rllrbll and I guess they are now ready to take over the world and become incredibly rich.

Don’t miss the new EP.

[AudioRllrbll – Coffee With Donnie
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