New Lost Love Album Coming Soon!

Arthur Lee
Los Angeles Times
had published today a very interesting story about a lost Love/Artur Lee album from 1973 that was never released, and that will be released this June.
The Album, titled Black Beauty will be released by a new label called High Moon Records, which, according to the Times is a new boutique reissue label. I love labels with good taste that dig out treasures (See Golden Pavilion as well)

A track from the bootleg of Black Beauty

Anyway, considering that the year of 73 was after the release of great records like Vindicator and the now reissued Dear You (that was released as Lost Love), we’re into an electrified Arthur Lee, full of R’n’B and blues. I sure hope that the material will be good, but coming from such a terrific songwriter like Lee – I’m not too concerend.

The album will be released on June 7th.

[Listen]Love – Sad Song, (from Love Lost )
Arthur Lee –  Every Time I Look Up I’m Down Or White Dog (I Don’t Know What That Means)

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