New Balkan Beat Box Video

The Balkan Beat Box, the gypsy-cabaret-punk band have a (not so) new song out called Political Fuck.


Kick ass song, inspired by what goes on in the world lately (disaster, chaotic mess, we’re all gonna die), and brings some furious, edgy vibes that brings to mind theĀ Bulls On Parade album by Rage, and some Beastie Boys.

Great soundtrack to big demolition process.

And take this for the road (BBB should take these guys as the opening act for their next tour, definitely).



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  1. Tal says:

    All you Balkan Beat Box Fans should check out the collaboration they did with this new music app called iAlbums. iAlbums is a free music player for your iPhone which gives you loads of cool info about what you’re listening to, while you’re listening to it, all inside the actual player.
    For the Balkan’s new album Give they made an awesome hand picked manually curated feed, that has all the album’s liner notes in it, its artwork, and cool videos, photos, interviews and more. Since iAlbums is free, all you have to do in order to get this feed is just get Give to your iPhone or iPod, download iAlbums (which is an awesome app to have for all the music you’ve got on your player) and it’s all there!! :-)

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