Nels Cline/Tim Berne/Jim Blake’s The Veil – Something To Ease The Pain

I already mentioned how much and why I love Nels Cline so much.
So I won’t go into this again. However I do believe that a new album by the maestro of electric guitar, who knows how to fusion jazz, free, avantgard, rock, country and blues all together – is a big thing that it’s only natural that this blog will dedicate a few words for it.

The Veil, the new collaboration between Cline, Tim Berne on alto sax and Jim Black on drums (AKA BB&C), is an energy knockout. It’s like when you get a basketball bounce from the floor directly to your face, keeping you out of focus for couple of minutes and then your whole day looks different. Know this feeling? this is how the new BB&C album is like.

Recorded live in 2009 and released via Cryptogramophone, this album is the ultimate trio experience, post-music boundaries  examination. Must have, to any Nels Cline fans and freestyle music.  Classic best of 2011 album.

Nels Cline/Tim Berne/Jim Blake – The Barbarella Syndrome

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