Music That Is Bigger Than Us

A new album by Maine duo Big Blood makes the world stop. At least in my heart.
With every new release of theirs, since I’ve discovered their music in 2007, I get excited because I just know I’m about to enter to a swirl of strange vocals, bizarre echoes, tape loops, haunting and repetitive rhythms and whatnot.

Caleb and Coleen are two heroes of mine. Their desire for the unusual sounds, strange song structures and instrumental pieces inspire┬áme. Whenever I’m stuck with a piece of my own music and not sure where to go, especially sound-wise, I listen to a Big Blood record. There, I’m looking to hear what can be done with lo-fi eastetics, and see the imaginary visions behind their poetry of soundscaps. In some cases, it was a good way to understanding.

You can listen and download many of their albums in their Free Music Archive page, and of course – everything is recommended, you can’t choose a favorite child here.

Now they have a new album, their second one that is being released on Vinyl.
The new album Radio Valkyrie 1905-1917 combines those frightening bizarre sounds with the ever passionate vocals by Coleen. You can consider it to be psychedelic music, but I’m not sure that’ll do justice to their music. They speak and create in a different world, with a whole different set of values and musical language.
The rhythm comes from somewhere but there ares not drums. The pads come from somewhere but they are not synths. The instruments are a function in something bigger than them. The music is just bigger than what we know.
They sell the new LP on their Etsy page and I beg you – don’t miss it. It’s way too good to be overlookded.

Big Blood – Ice Swells Pt.II

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