[Milestone Treat: The Michael Chapman Birthday Celebration] – Wrecked Again

Milestone Treat - A Michael Chapman Celebration

Wrecked Again followed Window, in 1972.
Again, it was a rather dark/mysterious album that was produced again by Gus Dudgeon and I personally see these two albums as part A-part B sequels. I guess other artists might have been tempted to release them as a double album – good thing he didn’t.
Michael Chapman - Wrecked Again

Wrecked Again is another beautiful album, contains anthem like songs, a blend of electric (mind the special sound on Night Drive, where he put a sponge under the guitar strings to keep them muted) and acoustic songs. Again, it is a more laid back classic 1970’s album with that loose drumming sound. Rick Kemp’s bass is dominant like in Chapman’s previous albums, and the relationship between the two reached to a stage where Chapman sings Back On Your Own Again, Kemp’s song.

The production is a bit bigger then in Window, and it sounds like Chapman had realized just where he feels comfortable the most, in between the folk and rock, the soft and edgy.
This album also contains some fabulous songs, like Indian Queens, the beautiful ballad The First Leaf Of Autumn, and the shimmering Night Drive.
Mozart Lives Upstairs
was originally recorded for the Rainmaker sessions and was only released as a b-side of his first ever single – I Didn’t Work Out (A single, that eventually, really didn’t work out). This song is pretty strange in its eeriness, but it’s still good.

The entire albums is solid and brings all sides of Chapman, but it’s the album closure that I like the most, Shuffleboat River Farewell. This is the first version on this song, and it’s beautifully orchestrated, sang and produced – with the blend of strings and brass section, a real classic. We’ll later see this song again in his 1976’s Memphis album Savage Amusement.

Wrecked Again was Chapman’s last album for Harvest. He did record Millstone Grit for the label, but this album will eventually be released in Decca, his label for the next couple of albums.

Michael Chapman – Wrecked Again
Michael Chapman – Night Drive
[Buy] Note that both albums Wrecked Again and Window are available on a double cd reissue by BGO.

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