Michael Deacon – Running In The Meadow


In the very early days of mp3 music blogs, I was going crazy with the amounts of rare vinyls finding their ways to my ears, thanks to the great people who ripped the vinyls and offered the music for a free download.

I might be alone in the world, but i tend to write about music that I actually bought. I hate downloading stuff for the sake of having many albums, I prefer buying them and give the attention necessary to each album. In these days, it’s hard to be that 17-year-old boy again, who buys a vinyl copy of Relayer, and listens to it over and over, now everything is quicker.
Won’t Be Long

(Reminds me a lot of Todd Rundgren‘s It Wouldn’t Have Made Any Difference)

One day, a certain blog I don’t really remember its name, offered a ripped version of an ultra-obscurity US folk-rock album, from 1975. Name of the artist was Michael Deacon. Not Dan. The blog offered two long files, of an entire side long.
I downloaded because the description got me. Then I took the files and spliced them to separate files, not knowing the songs’ titles at all.

A year ago, Running In The Meadow, the solo album by Michael Deacon was reissued on a 24 bit remastered version, with cardboard packaging, and liner notes from Michael himself. I didn’t buy myself a copy but I know I should. In anyway, last night I was looking for something nice to hear after a hectic day. Something mellow, a bit jazzy, folky with tender voice. Something like a compromise between Josh Rouse and Jackson Brown. The shuffle button was pressed, and all of a sudden, I’ve Been Carrying This Song So Long from Deacon’s album came up – and solved the dilemma.
I’ve Been Carrying A Song So Long


This is a bit weird album, very calm, very nice and smooth. Nothing too peculiar about it, not so psychedelic, all and all very soft album. The acoustic guitars and pianos are very nice, suits nicely with a quite night at home, next to the fire (if you don’t have a fireplace, change a flat, or don’t listen to this album. This one requires a fireplace), with a good wine. I know I sound cliche, but this is truly what the album requires. It’s one of those album, where every song is a tiny gem, which you hold firmly so know one else will know about it. well, it’s out there now. Like Josh Rouse and Ed Laurie, this one won’t be a life changing moment, the first time you’ll listen to it, but it will provide of a pleasant half an hour of coziness.

I Wet And Alive

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