Merryweather – Space Rangers

How come Space Rangers by Neil Merryweather did not become a glam rock classic, deserved an invistation by the FBI, right after they finish their thing with Sopa, Popa and Dopa.

Neil Merryweather, Canadian bass player,  started a band in the late sixties, after quitting Bruce Cockborn’s band Flying Circus.
His early albums like Merryweather, and Word To Mouth were more towards the psych rock, but the two albums he recorded for Mercury Records that were releaed in 74-75 were just amazing glam/hard rock albums, with a much heavier sound.

Space Rangers (released in 1974 and sounds exactley like 1974 should sound) was not issued on CD as far as I know, and if someone from Light In The Attic is reading this – you get the hint.
Masculine guitars, brilliant drum/bass work,  strings arrangments, powerful vocals and one killer cover of Eight Miles High, and this is just the begining. The songs are so damn good that this album will be playing constantly in your ears once you’ll listen to it. \

Fans of proto punk, funk, glam rock and Mick Ronson – this one’s for you.

[AudioMerryweather – Eight Miles High
Merryweather – Hollywood Blvd

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