Matt Baldwin; Night In The Triangle

Matt Baldwin’s Paths of Ignition was released back in 2008 and became a critic’s favorite. The album, was a festive march in the American Primitive paths, original, bright and enjoyable. Julian Cope wrote about him in Head Heritage that he sounds like a one man heavy metal band. Cool.

Three years later, the west coast guitarist, had decided to go completely the other way around, took an electric guitar, and wrote over an hour of music of solo electric guitar compositions, with effect pedals as backing instruments.
The result, Night In The Triangle, is phenomenal.

This 2LP set is the dream of every kraut rock fan in 2011 – Someone to continue the work of Manuel Gottsching, Popol Vuh, Hawkwind. The album is loose and dreamy, and throws the listener back and forth, left to right, soft to hard. It fit in well with the current psych wave, of music that comes from Not Not Fun (did I mention Sun Araw?), perfectly weaved together into the experimentation of Klaus Schultz or even Cluster. You get the idea.

I remember upon listening to Paths Of Ignition, that what I was most impressed by, was the imagination that was present throughout the album. The same imagination is present in Nights In The Triangle, a perfect reflection of Baldwin’s emotions and thoughts, that hits the listener in the heart first, and in the brain later.
The album was released with American Dust and you want to own this one. Brilliant.

Matt Baldwin – We Enter The Dream

Matt Baldwin – African Genesis


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