Many Strings Attached; On Ellen Fullman’s Long String Instrument

Musician Ellen Fullman is a name I did not know until I stumbled upon this interesting blogpost, on the Free Music Archive, written by Issue Project Room.

According to Ellen Fullman’s biography on her website, she’s been working on this interesting project for thirty years.  The project, ‘The Long String Instrument‘ is exactly what the name hints.

Photo: Judy Dater

Seventy piano strings (80 foot long each) is stretched in her Brooklyn studios, and functions as a new concept of a playable instrument. The strings themselves, plus the acoustic in the room, apparently creates the feeling of sitting inside a piano. This can be a nice verbal description, but watching some of the videos available, shows that this description can truly miss the exact experience of being there. I haven’t been to her studio nor watched her show (which is travelling across the US), but you can only imagine what it’s like, being in a big loft, with vibrating strings all around you.

The playing technique looks rather easy, though i’m sure it’s not, and every gentle touch of the strings creates a resonance inside the room, that thanks to the carefully accurate tuning of each string, makes the other strings vibrate as well, creating harmonies and drones, multiplied by seventy strings.

Photo: Martin Meyer

This is an interesting concept, which can be borrowed to a spiritual discussion about the fact that everything around us is just waves and frequencies, that with a slight change of one of the factors around you, you can make a total change of the frequencies. Now take this little concept and implement it on theories related to wars, health, money or relationships.

An interesting interview with Ellen Fullman

Ellen Fullman will be playing a show in the Issue Project Room in Brooklyn, in May 22nd . Fullman also has a new album out via my one my favorite labels Important Records, where she’s collaborating with other musicians. I enclosed one track of her new release, that was provided by the Free Music Archive, but I strongly suggest you’d check out the entire blogpost for more details and some more tracks for download.

Photo: Martin Meyer

p.s. On a different issue, if you’re in town, do not miss the exciting Table Of Elements festival that will take place in Issue Project Room. More details about The Copernicium Festival here.

Ellen Fullman and Sean Meehan – Untitled #3

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