Long Lost Gem Now Out There Again – Jim Sullivan’s UFO

Jim Sullivan‘s UFO album from 1970, is beautiful and ridiculously overlooked at the same time.

It’s one of these classic singer/songwriter, nicely orchestrated, beautifully produced, nothing too fancy, just in the right flavor. Sullivan was quarterback, when he was young, and had to withdraw his dreams in sports and go for another passion of his – music.

I stumbled upon this album months ago, through a vinyl rip, and was pretty excited to find out that the most amazing Light In The Attic had reissued it. Didn’t see the reissue’s booklet nor sound quality, but based on their other releases, we’re talking quality here, folks.

Aquarium Drunkard had written a long piece about this album which I believe you should all read, as it features a lot of information and some words by Matt from Light In the Attic.

Oh, and apparently, there’s a short doco about the guy, who reminded me partly of David Ackles, and partly of Fred Neil. Interesting combo, don’t you think?

If there’s a 70’s singer/songwriter you should definitley buy this year as a present to yourself, it’s this one for sure.

[Audio] Jim Sullivan – Jerome
[Buy] Light In The Attic Records

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