Live On Wax; The Cylinder Preservation and Digitaztion Project

There’s something magical about old time recordings, and I’m sure you know what I mean. Those cracks and pops, and the narrow sound, and the squeaks and the overall innocence floating around – those are just few of my favorite things.

Cylinder recordings was the earliest form of recording, and the debut recording with this format is dated 1877.
No electricity needed, the artist was singing into a big horn, that would be connected to some sort of a needle, that engraved the information on wax. This is the rough idea, but there’s much more to it, and I strongly suggest you’ll go to visit the Cylinder Preservation and Digitization Project for more info.

The Cylinder Preservation and Digitization Project is a fascinating concept. It’s a team of good hearted people, led by Berto Solis and David Seubert, in the University Of California, who aim to find as many cylinder recordings as possible, and digitize them, to make sure that these historic recordings, over 100 years ago, will never vanish.

Jason Sigal, WFMU man and the heart and soul behind the Free Music Archive (who celebrated his two years of existence recently – much respect), has posted about this interesting project yesterday, with three samples (that you can also find here) from the huge catalog of 10,000 recordings that has been digitized so far, and counting. Jason also interviewed Berto and David in his Talk’s Cheap radio show yesterday, and you can listen to the show here.

(Thanks for The Free Music Archive and The Cylinder Preservation and Digitization Project)
Albert Benzler – Gondolier and Temptation
Poke Miller and his Old South Quartet – What A Time

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