Little Moon, Little Moments, Big Album

Grant Lee Phillips

Eighties born kids, who were exposed to the radio in the nineties  – you will know the song Fuzzy from miles away, and the voice will be totally familiar to you.
That’s because there was a time where you couldn’t escape Grant Lee Buffalos’ tune even if you turn off all communication methods – someone, in the bus or on the train would hum “I’mmmmmm fuzzzzzzyyyyy” .
Flashback anyone?

Grant Lee Phillips was the man behind that band.
He’s an incredible songwriter and fantastic singer. Last year, he released his fourth solo release in Yep Roc, which means he got a bit older, but so has his creation, and this adulthood adds a lot of grace to his music.
Yep Roc is the kind of labels that suit the definition of class A adult contemporary music, where they hold a variety of ‘older’ artists that have one thing in common – they are not laid back, waiting for life to pass and get recognition by past hits or success, they are active, always searching, and their albums in Yep Roc are of the best in their career.

Take Robyn Hitchcock who never sounded better, Apples In Stereo, Nick Lowe, Josh Rouse and Paul Weller. All of them brought to life some fabulous albums with the label, and though the difference in their songwriting, there’s that maturity in their music that is the core of their common DNA. So Phillips is in good hands and in a good company (of artists, and a label).

Grant Lee Phillips

Little Moon is a collection of 12 songs that assembles an album in its classical meaning. One that moves in a wider dynamic range and different moods and energies. One that keeps the acoustic vibe but doesn’t afraid to bring in a big string quartet. An album that mixes folk and country, jazz and blues – and above all – shows the warmth and depth of Phillips beautiful voice. I love him in Little Moon, and his softness is killing me, softly.

You can look at Phillips’ music as somehow equivalent to Mark Knopfler solo output, just that Phillips reached to Knopfler’s current state of mind, twenty years before Mr. K.
I read somewhere that he’s a father now, so maybe it has something to do with it. Whatever it is, he should keep doing it.
Or maybe it has something to do with making peace with yourself when you’re forty-something, which brings calmness that is directly reflected in a tune like Older Now

Nevertheless of Phillips secret, Little Moon is a beautiful album, relaxing and comforting, like a sweet Sunday morning in the sun with your kids, or in the most intimate moments with your love.

[RIYL] Marknopfler’s solo, Paul Simon, Randy Newman, 70’s Tom Waits, Josh Rouse, Richard Thompson’s 90’s.
[Buy] Insound
Grant Lee Phillips – Little Moon
Grant Lee Phillips – Older Now

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