Life In Reverse by Marine

Marine were a part of the European post-punk movement, having formed in Belgium in 1980 and playing with these furious energies and the familiar Fender bass sound.
But they had something rather different in their music, they had a brass player.

Marc DesmareĀ was their lead singer and played the brass, and led a group that was a sort of a combo between Talking Heads and, ah, say, The Fall (?). They were not as witty as David Byrne, but they were far more groovy and funky then the most of 80’s post punk bands.

In real time, they only released three singles, with their most known track Life In Reverse. But, in 2008, a label called LTM Publishing released a wonderful collection of all their studio takes + a 25 minutes movie.

They got the hooks, they got the style, they got the groove and they got the brass which is a rare thing for a post punk band. Try it, you won’t be sorry.

Marine – Life In Reverse

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