Les Baxter And Orchestra – The Poor People Of Paris

Les Baxter and a beauty

Seems like Les Baxter is a part of everybody’s own nostalgia, watching black and white movies, the lush strings arrangements and hummed vocals, emotional melodies and schmaltz. In one word – Exotica!
That musical genre, the was so popular back in the 50’s, was pretty much pioneered by Les Baxter, a pianist and band arranger, who made a tremendous popular records throughout his career, when he combines jazz swing, light elements from classical music and reproduction of that nostalgia I mentioned above. Well, might be that the nostalgia is just me, listening to the music 60 years or more after recorded and released.

Les Baxter - Poor People Of Paris

The Poor People Of Paris, is a tune I stumbled upon by chance, in a weary vinyl that I have called ‘Hits of the 50’s‘. One of the gazillion compilation in the same name. It starts with Les Paul’s and Mary Ford‘s How High The Moon (that will appear in this week’s mixtape) and continues with Les Baxter’s tune.
Vintage Music has released a series of EP’s in their Vintage Dance Orchestra series. It’s a very cool series, full of, well, vintage dance music. It’s so  40-50’s that it hurts. But the EP no.150 is Baxter’s, and it’s a pure beauty.
If you’re ever feeling lonely and need some sort of a cheer up, this is classic record to make you happy. There are other good releases in this series, but that’s for the next time.

Les Baxter – The Poor People Of Paris
Les Baxter – The Trouble With Harry

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