Juma’s Sultan’s Aboriginal Music Society

After 06:30 minutes of heavy tribal African percussion and bell chimes, enters the easy piano melody and the double bass who hints of the next chapter in the wonderful 20:45 minutes of AMS, the first track in the splendid “Whispers From The Archive“, the new collection of Juma’s Sultan’s Aboriginal Music Society, released by Porter Records.
After that long intro, comes a wonderful interplay between James Ulmer on guitar and Art Bennett on the saxophone and AMS turns into a lost gem from the Alice Coltrane school of mystical imagination.

Shake your money maker, is totally different from the long exposition of the album, presenting 1:30 minutes celebration where group of people chanting Shake Your Money Maker. Darm My Socks is a great powerful lo-fi funk/spoken word gem and She Made Me Feel Like Glory is a wonderful spirituality free jazz piece, 19 minutes long, really beautiful.

Juma Sultan had recorded thousands of hours of music during the 60’s-70’s. This wonderful set is a collection of handpicked tracks with his  Aboriginal Music Society.
A wonderful jazz document (though it has little to do with ‘Jazz’ anyway) that is really a journey through an American and African roots, free jazz and soul.

Highly recommended.

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