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Josi's Psychedelic Breakfast

In the end of the sixties, a young musician called Kuebro Diaz arrived to the town of La Plata, from Entre Rios (a distant county, pretty far from Buenos Aires) .
Diaz was one of the most important figures of La Cofradía de la Flor Solar,a hippy commune that recorded a single, psychedelic album. This commune had many artists among it, and included musicians, painters, sculptures, actors and more.
The members of the commune suffered badly from the police, and eventually spread all over, while some of the musicians left the country as a result of their fear from the society to harass them.

In 1972, Diaz joined the musician Billy Bond and became one of the dominate guitarist of the band La Pesada, and in 1973 he had released his solo debut with the band’s accompanying him.
Due to the political situation in the country, Diaz had to left the country and stayed many years in Europe until his return to Argentina in 1982.

Kuebro Diaz - y La Pesada

His solo album is a hard-rock, psychedelic and fuzzy knock-out, that deserves to be heard loudly and repeatedly. Unfortunately to us all, it wasn’t legally reissued on a CD, but there’s a pirate version that includes three bonus tracks. Two of them are from his period with La Cofradia, and one more with La Pesada. The paintings on the album were made by Diaz himself.

I don’t usually do this, but since this record is elsewhere unavailable, and since it is already on a server in the web, here’s a download link.

Kubero Diaz – Todo Es Todo
Kubero Diaz – Colgado De Las Nubes

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