Jetman Jet Team

A couple of weeks ago, I was looking for some Space Age/Exotica playlists on Spotify. Space Age is the name of that entire scene of easy listening music, popularized by the likes of Martin Denny, Les Baxter and others. George Russel used the term for an incredible jazz album in that name

That’s how I accidently stumbled upon this brilliant album by Seattle based Jetman Jet TeamWe Will Live the Space Age. Wow. What an incredible album.

Noisy pop album, soaked in reverbed guitars and silky vocals, wrapped in a shoegaze melancholy and hovering above the earth. They bring influences from Jesus and Mary Chain to Flying Saucer Attack, obviously My Bloody Valentine and Ride. This is one brilliant album that I can’t get enough of, and if the list of band above tickles your heart, you’ll be addicted to that as well.

Listen to the album

Jetman Jet Team

So I was curious to hear what were their influences. The band wrote me:
These are all albums that for some reason or another, whether it be mood, the atmosphere, the experimentalism, tone and texture or recording techniques have inspired and influenced us. Without these albums we wouldn’t have had the drive or motivation to make music.”

And here’s their list, in no particular order:

Stereolab – Cobra & Phases Group Play Voltage In The Milky Night

Boards of Canada – In a Beautiful place out in the country.

Air – Talkie Walkie

Casino Versus Japan – Tracks 1999 – 2003

Cocteau Twins – Loves Easy Tears

Kraftwerk – Kraftwerk 1

Neu! – Neu 2

Deerhoof – Runners Four

Lou Reed – Metal Machine Music

Cornelius – Fantasma

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