It’s Broken!

The story of Bob Chance is of a man who recorded one album (private pressing) in 1980. No one knew except heavy collectors knew the album when Jonny Trunk of Trunk Records reissued it couple of months ago and did a great justice.

Why, you ask? Because Bob’s album It’s Broken! is a cult album waiting to be crowned as such. Now is the time to get to know the album just before everybody else will.

It’s a wonderful mixture of easy rocknrol, soft pop, funk and synths and the album’s center track ‘It’s Broken’ is a disco-psych masterpiece.
Can’t tell exactly what makes this album so good and addictive, but I swear that if you give it a chance (got that?), you’ll find yourself going back to the album again and again. It doesn’t have a specific style or artistic vision, just a collection of beautifully crafted songs, recorded by a man with who visit the music world once in 1980 and was long forgotten ever since.

Bob Chance – It’s Broken!

Bob Chance – The Van Man

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