Ido Bukelman’s March Of Broken Beats, Batterd Guitars, and Broken Dreams

By Eyal Hareuveni

(Picture By Eyal Hareuveni)

My first introduction to Ido Bukelman, was through the Albert Beger Electroacoustic Band, where he plays guitar in the ensemble, and had also taken part in their album Peacemaker.
I knew him as a killer guitar player, but only recently was I introduced to his skills as a phenomenal acoustic guitar player.

Bukelman plays music to the march of broken beats, disharmonied melodies and weird structures. It’s a free style, sometimes shapeless form music, and If I have to think of a musician you might relate to, it’ll be Derek Bailey, Stephen Basho-Junghans’ conceptual albums or Bill Orcutt, that heard Bukelman’s music and, not surprisingly, liked it.
The album itself is not strictly acoustic, as it has some layers of acoustic guitar based feedbacks, swirled sounds and strange squeaks, made by Bukelman’s abuse of his poor little guitar.

In the upcoming months, Bukelman will release his album, titled Solo, which fans of experimental acoustic guitar should listen to, because it’s really brilliant.
Far from being easy listening, it’s a demanding and sophisticated music, a-tonal and exciting, but if you consider yourself experimental music fans, this album should not pass you by.

[Listen] Ido Bukelman – Just Hold On
Ido Bukelman – She’s Gone
[RIYL] Derek Baily, Bill Orcutt, Stephen Basho-Junghans

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