I wish it would never have ended, few words about Mudhoney’s gig in Tel Aviv

During the last two months there was an added value in my life: expectation.
I simply knew that a Mudhoney concert will be the one thing that will save me.

For many years I’ve been finding myself inpatient during concerts, towards the end, and now this decade comes to an end with maybe my ‘decade concert’.I’ve seen infinite number of concerts in my lifetime, of great artist as McCartney in huge place such as Glastonbury festival or of great artists as Amit Erez in tiny places such as the “Zusamen” (a little bar in Tel Aviv). Sometimes I’ve had great fun and sometimes I didn’t, but always, towards the end of the concert I’ve had a feeling of “well, I want to go home now”. Very few concerts kept me alert during the entire concert.

I think of the Love concert, when they played the entire Forever Changes with strings and a brass section; the historical My Morning Jacket concert, before they became really famous – when ‘It Still Moves’ came out and I thought that Dancefloors is the best song ever written; the McCartney concert at Glastonbury, when 100,000 people sang ‘na na na Hey Jude’ together in the Glastonbury rain; the historical Rockfour concert at the Metro club in London; or the Tractor’s Revenge that I’ve seen three months ago after not seeing them for a few years; or the first concert of Amit Erez, sometime during 2005. All these concerts have left a serious mark in me. Among all these hypnotic concerts, there were many amazing ones, in which about 70% of the show, I’ve found myself moving uncomfortably. I have little patience.

My take on being a live photographer.

My take on being a live photographer.

Mudhoney’s concert three weeks ago,  reminded me what it’s all about. It reminded me how real passion looks like. I knew that I’m about to lose some of my hearing abilities, but in this concert I didn’t give a damn. I stood very close to the loudspeaker,to see up close Mark Arm’s midriff moving up and down in his elastic rubber body. I wanted to grasp Steve Turner’s coolness while he’s conquering his fuzzed-feedback. I wanted to have a look on Dan Peters’ hands and see how he misses – with real grace – the rhythm, which he treated as a recommendation only, nothing obligatory. I wanted to see Guy Maddison, a smiling pleasant uncle who set this entire Mudhoney machine to motion, like a truly wonderful bass players that nobody knows what they’re doing – but if you take them off stage the concert’s powerwill lose 50%

I’m not going into details concerning what was the set-list and what were the greatest moments in this concert, but this was probably the concert of the decade; it came in a good timing, exactly when I started to think that I’m burned out and that it has become impossible to keep me alert for an entire one hour an half in a concert. Mudhoney simply came and showed me why I love music, and what in music makes me feel different. I wanted it to continue forever, I really did. The only thing I disliked in this concert is that it was too short. But even if it was four hours and a half long I would have complained that it’s too short.

The day after I went to The Third Ear’s ‘Storytelling’ show with the band, I sat right under Mark Arm’s nose, who set next to Guy Maddison. They were both quite, introverted and kind and it looked like they came to this fan meeting by mistake. It looked like this event does not fit their self perception of “Hey guys, we’re Mudhoney, we just want to play, so leave us alone’. I asked my questions, received answers, laughed and smiled. Then, backstage,  I told Mark: “I am from Israel, I love you, can I be your dog?”

Feeling alive again is rare in life. I’m just starting to get back to myself after these two days. I fell in love again. I’m alive.

I owe so much to Orly, Renan and Shachar from Monocrave . I wish they knew how much.

The Mudhoney mixtape I made before the show

1. Sweet Young Thing Ain’t Sweet No More – Live (Superfuzz Bigmuff Delux edition)

2. Dissolve (My Brother The Cow)
3. The Straight Life (Since We’ve Become Translucent)
4. The Open Mind (The Lucky Ones)
5. You Got It (Superfuzz Bigmuff)
6. Six Two One (Five Dollar Bob’s Mock Cooter Stew)
7. Orange Ball-Peen Hammer (My Brother The Cow)
8. Good Enough (Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge)
9. Where Is The Future? (Under a Billion Suns)
10. Let It Slide (Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge)
11. Baby O Baby (Piece Of Cake)
12. Running Loaded (Mudhoney)
13. This Is The Life (Tomorrow Hits Today)
14. What’s This Thing (The Lucky Ones)
15. On The Move (Under a Billion Suns)
16. Today, Is A Good Day (My Brother The Cow)
17. Mudride (Superfuzz Bigmuff)
18. Tales Of Terror (The Lucky Ones)
19. In ‘N’ Out Of Grace (Superfuzz Bigmuff)
20. Touch Me I’m Sick (Superfuzz Bigmuff)

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