I Love Sean Siegfried’s Backwood. He Reminds Me Of Jansch. That’s Good.

A quick one while I’m away – I got an email last week from a guitarist called Sean Siegfried who shared his passion for the music of Bert Jansch with me.
Since everyone who mention Jansch’s name near me, gets my immediate attention, I rushed to click on the link that leads to his Bandcamp page, to listen to his debut ep Backwoods.

I was totally surprised by how beautiful this instrumental album is. It’s a solo guitar piece, written by a very talented composer and a fine guitarist with a great sound.
No doubt he spent many hours with Jansch’s Rosemary Lane and Avocet but I can hear some American Primitive guitar style there too. This is way too good to be pushed away to a distant corner on the web and I truly hope this guy will be exposed to many ears. He can totally make it.

Listen to his Bandcamp. seriously.


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