Hymn to Kele Goodwin

My friend Eran had forwarded me the myspace page of Portland, OR musician Kele Goodwin.
Goodwin had released his debut album Hymns in the local Hush Records label (also the home of Laura Gibson who shares some backing vocals in the album, and also the wonderful Nick Jaina), last September.
I hadn’t listened to the full album yet, but judging by the 4 tracks audio player in his Myspace page, I can definitely say that Goodwin is one of those musicians I tend to love very much.

Some timeless tunes that indeed sounds familiar, as his bio page declares, accompanied by a gentle fingerpicking playing and above all, a soulful and warm voice – all these elements are the exact ingredients for a classic singer/songwriter album. More then anything else, he reminded me of Mojave3‘s/Slowdive frontman Neil Halstead, that his first album Sleeping On Roads is still one of my favorite singer/songwriter albums ever. They both share this gentle and smooth attitude to the songs, deliver them with compassion and careful.

Try checking his music out, I will definitely get myself a copy soon.

[Buy] Hymns (Amazon) / Insound
[Audio] Kele Goodswin – Kite Strings
[RIYL] Ed Laurie, Isbells

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