How White Fence Make Me Cry

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Holy shit. The debut LP by LA psychedelic one man band White Fence is absolutely stunning!

Tim Presley, the man behind this – Please take me away, acid heads, to a trip in my subconscious world. Find Syd Barrett and let me sit with him for a game of chess. Get me on the treadmill with the guys from the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, pass along the superglue from Mo Tucker to me (she’s been holding it for too long anyway), and record everything in a half-distorted-half-bedroom intimacy vibe.
White Fence

Strange how the new psychedelia turns to shape in oh so many ways. You have bands like Crystal Antlers or Oneida, and you have the new born acid folk of Donovan Quinn and Skygreen Leopards, and you have all sorts of bands who listened for too long to White Light, and then you have White Fence.

Another great release by Woodist, who turns out to be a favorite label to me (just yesterday I posted about Moon Duo, and I admit I was a bit ambivalent to, but in overall it’s good stuff), I wonder if this current movement of west-coast psych outfits of all sorts declares that there are new inherits to the Paisley Sound movement of mid-eighties.

In anyway, White Fence’s album is completely original, fun and authentic album and if you somehow like the bands I mentioned above (and add The Byrds to that list) – it’s a must have. I’m having so much joy listening to it, I think I’m gonna cry.

White Fence – Mr. Adams
White Fence – I’ll Follow You
White Fence – Destroy Everything

Buy : Insound

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