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Ten years ago, the debut album of Mount Carmel would have probably not been accepted easily and it would have probably been slaughtered by the press.
Why? Because Mount Carmel who just released their album with Siltbreeze, sounds like a tribute band to Mount Carmel and its musical heroes.

But these days, it’s the post-whatever era, and therefore I declare this album as a post-blues-rock-seventies-style. There, I came up with a genre, I should have my name in the new-journalism hall of fame.
This trio from Colombus, Ohio, is all about fleshy and powerful blues-rock that gives my palate a big happiness, and I’m sure I would have enjoyed it even more if they had some sort of originality to their music.

Mount Carmel

But they don’t, unfortunately. However, they provide me with great fun and allow me to put aside all the experimental stuff and all the righteous talking about how musicians should invent something new – and gives me the freedom to do some silly air-guitar moves.
We have a totally cool mixture of all your favorite blues-rock bands. It starts from the Bluesbreakers, goes through some Sabbath  riffs, through Cream and Blind Faith and Ten Years After. Oh yea, and some Zeppelin blinks.

The songs themselves are based on a tight bass and drums patterns, and overdrive/fuzz guitars and overall it sounds alive and exciting.
Not sure how many times I will return to listen to this album, but among all the beeps and squeaks and ambient drones I have here in my record collection – Mount Carmel’s debut album gives my brain the opportunity to stop, take my shirt off, put a cold beer on my sweaty chest hair, and provide a great burp

Mount Carmel Cover Art

Mount Carmel – Livin Like I Wanna
Mount Carmel – ZZ Breakers

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