Guitar Mood 2 – Oddball Guitar Music From Around The World

In the last couple of weeks I’ve been listening a lot to an excellent compilation of guitar tunes called Guitar Mood 2 : More Rare Instrumentals from the New and Olde Worlds.

The idea has been put to test many times in the past, you know, all the Golden Guitars compilations and their twin brothers and sisters. But this one offers something different, as it brings the more edgy, ugly brother kinda sound from all around the world, making this release a cool, refreshing and mostly unbelievably fun to listen to.
This was actually part two of a compilation that was released years ago (This blog offers a vinyl rip of this long time out of print record).

You’ll hear cha-cha-cha, psychedelic, latin, afro and surf. You’ll hear Japan, Finland, Turkey, Peru, Columbia and more.
The entire record smells like early sixties guitar music. I’m not sure when those tracks were initially released, but imagine this picture for each band you hear on the record, and you’ll catch the vibe.
(This Siluetler from Turkey, taken from this blog)

I had some troubles tracking this LP down, but you can get it through the Midheaven website for a safe purchase.

Sil├╝etler – Kasik Havasi
The Blazers – Metaskulla

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