Guano Padano – The place : A Foreign Land. The Time : Unknown

All of a sudden, out of nowhere, arrived one of the most interesting and fantastic albums of the year – Guano Padano.

The band is in its core Alessandro Steffana, who also worked with Marc Ribot in the past, and also with Mike Patton.
The band also features Gary Lucas (guitarist of Jeff Buckley), Chris Speed, the Italian singer Bobby Solo but above all – Alessandro Alessandroni, which you may have never heard of, but you will recognize his whistles from miles, as he was the whistler in Ennio Morricone spaghetti soundtracks.


The album, that was released in October 2009 with the brilliant label Important Records, is
a thrilling and captivating blend of psychedelic, Americana, folk and jazz, with nostalgic western movie soundtrack. It throws the listened to other eras, and can be the perfect soundtrack for any journey movie.

The albums cleverly combines bluesy surf (Guano Padano), slow emotional orchestrations (El Divinio) – a  must  for any Calexico fans out there, an amazing, nocturne cover for Hank Williams Ramblin’ Man, east-meets-west motives (Del Rey) and Mariachi (Danny Boy).
It’s an album of a celebration of colors and flavors, spaghetti music with oregano, garlic, little pieces of chopped meat, mushrooms, red wine and cheese.

Should served hot.

El Divinio

Ramblin’ Man

Joey Barnes of Calexico is a fan, and wrote a track-by-track description of the album that can be viewed here.

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Guano Padano

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