Go out there and study already!

This is really difficult. All of a sudden, a new Wire edition arrived, and many cd’s came in the mail, promos I got to review, plus cd’s I bought last week and some vinyls.

And I know it sounds like the best troubles in the world, but still – I got this exam on Monday about Diplomatic History, and I should really study the course of events between the years 1900-1945, but how can you get any work done with so many temptations??

Two Lee Morgan albums, three Rollerball, Bill Fay‘s new recordings, Efterklang live and many many others, what am I supposed to do?

In the pictures, the situation of a great dilemma.

But in order to leave you with a positive mood, I think this great Happy Hollow cover of The Church’s Under The Milky Way, will make your reading of my complains so far – worthwhile.

Happy Hollow – Under The Milky Way (Download)

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