Glenn Jones Can Never Fail

Glenn Jones has a new album out, titled The Wanting.

Not many albums can send such an excitement through my body, like a new album by Glenn.
Glenn Jones is often treated as the torch barrier of the music of John Fahey and Robbie Basho. This is somewhat true because Glenn is obviously influenced by the two.

However, he’s a man of such creativity, that he found his own unique voice as an instrumental acoustic guitarist from the very early stages, in an inspiring way.
He’s unique in his beautiful melodies, the really beautiful guitar playing and his chilled approach to the music. All these elements comes with a great style and talent.
In differ from Basho or Fahey, he’s much softer and gentle the the aggression of these two and his music is almost like an island, an isolated territory that he created for himself, that you can maybe come visit, but never be a part. It’s his domain. Though, he’s a great host.


Overall, when you listen to this record, like his previous records, you can hear the Glenn Jones is a very musically educated man. It takes all the colors in the world to create one white color and the album is just the same; A musician that takes many influences and years of music listening, and music creating (as solo or as a part of Cul De Sac) – blends it all together and release a really authentic statement that doesn’t sound like anything except for himself. Congrats Glenn, you just gave life to a new genre, the Glenn Jones genre.

The new album is now out via Thrill Jockey.

Glenn Jones – My Charlotte Blue Notebook

A new track by Glenn Jones
Robbie Basho tribute album
Glenn Jones and Jack Rose Dvd

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