Give My Love To Marie; On Gene Clark’s Two Sides To Ever Story

The sun is out, and I’m feeling like country rock all over again. It’s probably the change of weather, spring is here, everything is in bloom and I’m feeling optimistic.
In lazy Saturdays such as this, the selection of the perfect lazy country album is rather difficult. Yet, whenever I get that warmth feeling, I know it’s time for Gene Clark.
Gene Clark
Now you might know Clark from his Byrds days, or from his perfect solo albums trilogy; The melancholic White Light, The country rocker Roadmaster,, and the epic, out of this world No Other.
But many have missed Clark’s beautiful moments that took place after the mid seventies. One of these moments was his beautiful 1977 album Two Sides To Every Story.
Currently unavailable (go search the web for the vinyl rip, it’s there), this album is a totally overlooked Clark album.
In this album, he returned to his country roots, backed again with Thomas Jefferson Kaye’s production, this album is a stunner. It’s not perfect, and has its weak spots, but for the good moments this album has – it’s a must have for any Clark fans out there.

Two Sides To Every Story - Gene Clark

I chose to show why I love this album so much, with two mellow ballads, that has it all. The beautiful songwriting, the perfect arrangements, and Gene’s amazing voice, a voice like no other.

Gene Clark – Sister Moon
Gene Clark – Give My Love To Marie”

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