Get Together: The Lost Dino Valenti Tapes

Dino Valenti
Dino Valenti
was an iconic figure in the West Coast psychedelic scene of the late sixties with his successful band Quicksilver Messenger Service. As the lead singer and songwriter of the band , Valenti gained reputation as one of the better songwriters around, his style was deeply soaked with acid drops, while the songs remained usually catchy and revolved around day to day topics. He is also  credited as the writer of one of the sixties definite hit (which no boxset exits without it) РGet Together.

His solo 1971 album, titled Dino Valente (instead of Valenti) is one of my all time lonesome acid folk albums. Accompanied only with a guitar and his nasal voice, he weaved stories of ultimate truths, little secrets of the world and personal perspectives .
Last month, It’s All About Music had released Get Together, a compilation of previously unreleased recordings of Valenti, dated pre 1970.

There is something magical in lost tapes, as if they were discovered against a destiny’s will, an interfering of the men with the cosmic order or something. But once tapes are found, everybody’s happy, especially if the audio material is well preserved over the years. In this compilation, the sound is excellent. Not a compilation of home demos of half backed songs, no no, these are some of Valente’s greatest tracks, including the monumental Get Together, traditional folk song Silver Dagger and a stunning version of Midnight Rider.

A must have for any acid-psych-folk fan out there.

Dino Valenti – Get Together

Get Together @ Amazon

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