Gargle and Bosques De Mi Mente: Absence

It was a collaboration began by chance, you ask something, you don’t always get what you want. Sometimes you get nothing, sometimes you get double.

Japanese post rock duo Gargle asked Spanish pianist Bosques De Mi Mente to use a piano tune of his for one of their pieces that was eventually put aside. But the connection between the band and the pianist led to a cross boundaries collaboration.

The result, Absence, is one of the finest post-rock albums I’ve heard in a very long time, maybe because it manages to escape the genre’s format of long, heavy orchestrated pieces, double LP with one piece in each side. No, in Absence they manage to pass on the gloomy mood that touches longing to an early childhood, chilly winter, romanticism and more. The orchestration, played by Tokyo College Of Music is soulful and expressive. Sometimes humble and plays the accompanying part, but sometimes it’s heavy, full steam ahead, huge sound that takes the lead.

The album sounds like one solid artist, there’s no separation of the classical guy and the post rock noise guys. Everything just blends together in a perfect, beautiful way that draws cinematic images of mountain tops and nature.
Absent is the last thing I can say about this album. The creators are totally here, full body, mind and heart. Do not miss it.

The album was released by a great label, Fluttery Records, and it is available on CD and digitally.

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