Gap Dream

About eight years ago, when I was living in London, I went to the famous Minus Zero record store. One of the two Bill’s that owned the place, recommended me of an album by a guy called himself Orgone Box. It was his first album. That album, a brilliant piece of pop-psych became an instant favorite of mine.


I love the simple production. Sound like an album recorded at home, or at least not in a professional studio. The guy just had songs, so he did his best to record them and that’s how it should be.

When I listen to the this new and really outstanding self titled album by Gap Dream, I think about Orgone Box again and again.
Gabriel, the man behind Gap Dream, used a drum machine and a home studio, to create really one of the best pop-psych albums I’ve heard in a long time. I can Definitely hear some of the songs appear in a new Fuzzy Warbles album by Andy Partridge or a lost, post Egyptians’ Robyn Hitchcock album.

Gabriel (Gap Dream)

Burger Records released this limited edition cassette (vinyl release due in summer 20120) and I really hope they’ll add the album to their Bandcamp page soon for all you fools out there who threw away the cassette players (me included). And if you’re going to their Bandcamp, don’t miss the label’s excellent sampler.

Meanwhile, here’s something to listen to

[AudioGap Dream – 58th St. Fingers

P.s. Indirect relation to the post, there’s a new Sonar show in the archives. Check it out and follow the archive for weekly shows about nothing.

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