Fun Makers – Mugwumps’ Do It Good

Mugwumps is a four piece band comes from Sweden.
When I bought their record, it was under the Stoner section in the store, but I think it be more appropriate to have them in the ‘Detroit Scene Inspired’ section, next to Mudhoney for sure, and just after the 10,405,503 reissues/compilations of the three Stooges album.

Didn’t find a whole lot of information about this brilliant kick ass rocknroll corruption album of their, called Do It Good. All I know is that it was out through Free Bird Records back in 2002, and that I’ve been enjoying it for three years, whenever I feel like unleash the beast energies in me, or clean the house.

Fans of Under a Billion Suns era Mudhoney, who like that MC5/Stooges/Look-at-that-we-have-a-sax-player-sometimes – this one is a must have. So much fun, I’m 15 all over again.

Mugwumps – Sinking Stone
Mugwumps – Danger Buzz

[Buy] Free Bird Records (sold for a ridiculous price of 3.99eur, get it now)


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