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Woods At Echo Lake
Fashionably late, I didn’t find the time to properly listen and write about the new fantastic album by Woods At Echo Lake.
It was released couple of months ago and I got it along with the fantastic albums of White Fence and Moon Duo.
It’s not strange, as all these albums were released in the Brooklyn based label Woodist, that keep proving its great taste in music
(after they already released great album for Meneguar, Wavvs and Fresh and Onlys).
Somehow, this album stands out more then the two I mentioned.
White Fence was jaw-dropping in its brilliancy, and Moon Duo was a journey into the inner self, but something in the sympathetic naive character of Woods, made me listen to this album in repeat in the last month or so.

Woods kept working constantly for the last five years, they always release an EP, half a single, a quarter of the album, a plan for a new thing. I admire this creative fruitfulness.
They always had that lo-fi sound in their music, but it looks like their lo-fi progressed and became focused with this album, the music carries a solid artistic direction and it looks like they found their own voice and style, on the border between Grateful Dead and Byrds influences, to intimate folk songs of humble forgotten 70’s singer-songwriters/

Jeremy Earl, lead singer, has a pleasant falsetto voice, that keeps the intimate and personal vibe close to the heart and brings along a feeling that we know him for many many years now. Arrangement wise, though they don’t afraid to use drums-bass-fuzz (Suffering Season and others) –  it’s not a psychedelic rock piece, but rather a folk-rock in the pre-1969 style Crosby. Time Fading Lines could have been in his striking 1971 debut, for example.

So gather round people, folk rock fans who like some psychedelic elements in their Byrds and for those who love well written songs that get stuck in your head for a year – the new Woods will you well

Woods – Death Rattles
Woods – Suffering Season
[RYIL] The Byrds, The Deads, Any sort of hippies from the 60’s west coast.
[BUY] Insound

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