Freeform Or Death – A Film About WFMU

In the last couple of months I’ve been asking myself questions and putting myself to test on how much independency set my way of living.
It all started last summer when all the worldwide protests arose and made me think of the economy instead of the politics, and find the links between the two.
Then, upon becoming a vegan after seeing this AMAZING lecture, I stopped consuming ‘industry’ products and switched to only natural, non-industrialized food, avoiding the food corporations to shove their greasy hands into my pockets.

Of course, music, it will usually be totally experimental and alternative stuff for me. People who’ve been creating music at home, or in their self-funded studio, releasing their 300-500 vinyls and move on to the next project.
I like the feeling of having life belong to me, and not to anyone else. I’m still attached to Apple and to the banks, but I’m waiting for the first option to break away from these bastards as well.


I’ve been a big fan of WFMU for years. I participate in their fund-raising marathons and try to convince people to pledge because I see the big picture, and that it’s one of the only places that is completely free minded, ran by music lovers, for no added value rather then the love of music. And that, you’ll agree, is priceless. And they are doing it for free.
WFMU for me, is the ultimate freedom, and they represent the values that I believe in the most. That’s why I try to help and spread the word in every campaign of theirs. People deserves to be free, free in their minds and souls.
They are probably the only station I know who’ll play my band. I owe them big.

Ken Freedman, the station manage, has been running the station for 25 years. His show is one of my favorites. I always wondered how come he’s doing it for SO long, facing so many problems with the crumbling building they’re sitting in, the payments to all sorts of royalties associations, occasional floods and more and more.

Freedom Or Death (kudos for the title), is a new documentary in the making, trying to show a bit of Ken’s and the station’s day to day world, perspectives and struggles throughout the years. It’s a fascinating thing, think about it – how many docos were made on a radio station?

The movie, of course, is indie as well, it belongs to the station fans, who’ll pledge the desired $50k to make this film happen. In their Kickstarter page you’ll see all the little rewards you get for pledging.

With this monetary system, the only way we can truly survive is by detach from the old politics and try to provide value to the community as much as we can. I totally see a day where I’ll give guitar lessons, to the doctor’s kid in return for his examination of my headache or whatever. You can jump into this party right now, and help creating this film and let more people know about this important and priceless station.

We’re all slaves in the capitalistic world and politics system. But every now and then, we can help ourselves to break another chain on the way to freedom.

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