[Finnish Does It Better] A New Song By TV-Resistori


It’s been quite a while since I last wrote about a new Fonal release or about Finnish music in general, and today I stumbled upon a new song by TV-Resistori, and thought it will be a good to write about it.

Fonal is a record label from Finland, and one of my all time fav labels. They produce an amazing fusion of releases that varies from pop to electronic, to bizarre folk, to psychedelic, AND – they release albums of one of the best bands in the world for me – Paavoharju.

cTV-Resistori - S/T - Fonal 2011

In April, the label will release the new album by TV-Resistori, (whom I already wrote about) a sort of a bubblegum pop band, with childish sounds and catchy melodies. I haven’t heard the whole album but I was just listening to the new song over and over again, and yea, it sounds too damn beautiful.

Tv-resistori: Ilta aikaa by Fonal Records

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