Everyone Wants To Be Ariel Pink All Of A Sudden (But BTS??)

Electric Anthology Project
The eighties are back.
The moment Ariel Pink’s new 4AD release became a must have in every music fan library/shelf, you could declare that the consensus is clear – It’s legit to be eighties (and I’m not referring to the XTC type of eighties, talking about cheesy eighties).
And once consensus took over – there’s no turning back.
Even a classic guitar band that sprayed the term ‘nineties’ all over the Strat’s neck – is going after the Pink and the Adam Ant.
Built To Spill

Electric Anthology Project
is actually a duo, consists of Built To Spill members Doug Martsch and Bret Nelson.
The duo had recorded an EP of remixes in the style of the old 12’’ remixes, that is fondly recalled from that black decade. The EP, has seven Built To Spill, with drum machine and all that jazz.

All the names of the new songs, are actually anagrams of the real songs’ names and from what I’ve heard of the three songs in their myspace page – it sounds mostly strange more than anything else.
But it does prove that BTS is a band of amazing songs, that can still sound fresh when they are re-arranged and remixed and has all sorts of Casio keyboards and Ronald 808’s. It is cool and surprisingly good. Strange, but good.

Track Listing
01 I Dim Our Angst In Agony / (Goin’ Against Your Mind)
02 Age I Felt / (Get A Life)
03 At The Where / (The Weather)
04 Eels / (Else)
05 What If Your Dull / (I Would Hurt A Fly)
06 A Gloss Siren / (Israel’s Song)
07 Far Path Tall Sign / (Things Fall Apart)

[RIYL] Built To Spill, Cheesy Eighties music
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[Audio] Eels [soundcloud url=”http://soundcloud.com/whoelson/eels”]

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