Early Mornings and Astrals

I wake up very early in morning (06:00).
I like to go the gym and walk the dog and all that, while there’s no one else awake, and it gives me the feeling of protection somehow, knowing there’s no one there.

Usually, I look for music to listen to when I wake up, and it has to be shaking and anti-mornings music.
Yesterday, through Twitter, I learned there’s new album by Chris Forsyth and Koen Holtkamp out on Blackest Rainbow, called Early Astral.
This is the perfect anti-morning music and it functions so well as such, that it becomes the perfect soundtrack. This album is, just like with me, feels there’s no one else in the world.

Two tracks of 17-18 minutes long. That what you get, but it’s an amazing rich and dense experience.¬†Repetitive masculin guitars, layers on layers on layers of electricity, bringing the juicy elements of the Ash Ra music (E2?), together with Popol Vuh (not the world music albums of course), and a feeling a great loneliness and a big shout. If you liked the stunning Matt Baldwin¬†album Night In The Triangle, you’ll love this one I’m sure.

I’m gonna listen to it in the next few mornings.

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