Duo Night In Tel Aviv

Ido Bukelman and Ofer Bymel
Last Thursday, I went to see a very interesting night in Jaffa, Israel.
The event, took place in Hateva (The Arc) gathered some really talented chaps from the local jazz and improv scene in the country, and was based on two duos and one trio and was based on the free improvisation concept.
It was messy, tidy, loud, quiet, and overall energetic. It was a blast. I took couple of videos in the event, you should really check it out.

Albert Beger (Saxophones) and Assaf Shatil (Piano)

Yoav Zohar (Balafon) and Shai Ran (Double Bass)

Ido Bukelman (Guitar), Ofer Bymel (Drums) and Daniel Davidovski (Electronics)

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