Cleared – Drown

Remote Ocean Prayer, the second track on “Drown”, the new LP By Chicago based duo Cleared – is one of the most disturbing things I’ve heard recently.
It’s like when your brain decides it takes the wrong side of the trip, and captures the soul in a pentagram.
Triangles are flying all over but they are not here to assist you understand, they are, in that very moment, your enemies.

It’s a brain shredder mode, and it lasts as much as it needs to last.
No free passes here, just a tiring confrontations with the soul.
These lessons you learn from such experiences is priceless.

Mercury is a weird, lost in space with eerie synths that sounds like Dave McRae of Matching Mole is a guest musician.
Tracing Mirror reflects that 02:30am fear when you cross the park and you hear the strange noise behind you and then you realize you’re just an actor in that film and this track is just the soundtrack. So you breath heavily, air soaked in fear and gratitude.

Drown ends the new beautiful album with a hint of cosmic optisim for a better future for us all. It’s relaxed, gentle statement on worlds gone wrong and sank into the sea.

Drown is the third album by Cleared. Every album of theirs is a must have. Now their label Immune Recordings offers a bundle of all them three, get it.

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