Cleared – Breaking Day

I’ve been listening a lot to Kluster‘s work, since Conard Schnitzler died couple of months ago, I’m totally into his music. There’s a wonderful box set with six Lp’s you should check out, that I’m listening to a lot, Kluster and Friends. It’s full of those sound experiments, heavy machinery and overall weired sounds that crawls under the darkest emotions of the heart, threatning to turn it upside down.

I’ve been thinking a lot of starting project where I won’t play guitar and just dive into sound experiments on my own, and like a sign that I’m right,  Erik from Immune Recordings, the label I love so much, sent me the new Cleared album, and it arrived just in time.

Cleared, a duo from Chicago (Steven Hess and Michael Vallera) are creating sonic experiments shredding sounds of percussions and guitars into one thick layer of OMG-what-was-that. The first album, released exactley a year ago, was one of my 2011 favs. But the new one, Breaking Day  is one step further into their nightmare world of sound.

I would give a lot to hear a collaboration between Schnitzler and Cleared. We are talking about men here. true men. Brave, strong, that walks through the dark corridors in their heart while singing poetry. Their poetry is dense layers, white noises and fear. Yes, I definitely gotta make that record. Will update about that.

Cleared – Breaking Day

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