Cian Nugent’s Doubles, Out Via VHF

Cian Nugents new album Doubles, is waiting for me for couple of weeks now. I’m now on a train going out of the city, it’s been a while since I last did that, a year at least.

Cian Nugents new album, Doubles, is just the perfect soundtrack for this ride. Two long tracks, over twenty minutes each, holds many styles and moods and secrets.

The obvious suspects ate here in the shape of some Fahey, some Sandy Bull and some of Basho‘s Falconer’s Arm era.
Like other instrumental composers in this circle, Nugent didn’t just make a “steel string instrumental guitar album” but poured drums and guitars and synths into the music.

He carefully weaves little stories and themes into the long pieces and fused them to one another without anyone noticing. The vibe is somewhat melancholic, bit stressful towards the end, before it breaks in the last two minutes to a rich,almost orchestrated epilogue.

The album is now out via Vhf Records, do get yourself a copy. You can listen to the tracks in Nugent’s Soundcloud page.


Cian Nugent – Sixes And Sevens (Excerpt)

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