Cheveu – Filthy Franc’n’roll Is coming to Israel


As someone who worked in a music store in the past, I stumble upon many album covers. Obviously, I didn’t manage to listen to each of the albums, but I knew what to say about each of them. At some point, it became index knowledge of albums, and I judged the book by its cover.
Usually I was right. You can indentify an Emo record miles away, let alone knowing that a drawing of a naked lady, that its legs are actually tree roots, who holds an ex stuck in a panther’s head – will be a metal album. But I did missed Cheveu big time. It looked like a b-side album of Stereolab.

When the Israeli label Sshaking Records wrote me about the band, who’s coming to Israel this month, I was glad. I heard so much about them, but never moved an ear to listen to them.

These French guys combine up-beat rocknroll, dirty and psychedelic, with a strange feeling of urgency that can be related to Animal Collective, Gang Gang Dance and Battles. The straight up beats with their garage, filthy guitars are something to take notice of, and I’m convinced that if they’ll take off their shirts – you’ll find the relics of bread crumbs from four days ago, hiding underneath their sweaty chest hair.
Listening to their music, is finding yourself frightfully running from a big green Big Bird, who runs after you with a rubber hammer while it listens to Rocky Erikson in the headphones. I thought about this image a lot, don’t laugh now.

These guys are coming to Israel this month, and for those of you who lives here, you can have a free ticket.


Please comment an original answer for the question – What will you do if you’d wake up one morning and found out there’s a single hair growing in you hand.
Write something that’ll make me tear the hair out and give you a ticket to the show.

20/2 – Uganda, Jeruslaem
24/2 – Levontine 7, Tel Aviv


Lola Langusta

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