Careful What You Wish For

As an orchestral composer, visual artist, and part time builder-of-robots, it’s difficult to understand how come Eric Lindley has the time to sit and write these beautiful songs.
Lindley, better know as Careful, had relased one album in the past, and towards the new album (out June 29th), titled Oh, Light, he gives away a 4 songs EP.

Careful EP

In a way, I thought I’d take some rest from bedroom singer/songwriters, but it looks like it’s hard to resist when the music is so good. And so, Careful was a nice refreshment in my ears. All the musical references mentioned in all kind of publications about him were right, he does have Will Oldham and Devendra in his music, but both of them are far from capturing the sort of intimacy Lindley has in his music. If Joseph Arthur was less produced and more modest, he’d probably be Eric Lindley. Something in his voice reminds me of acid-folker Nick Castro, though of course the aesthetics is less trees and more Manhattan.

He’s a published writer, which explain the high level of lyrics writing.
In Scrappy, he writes:

If death-sweats mean that much to you, the ghostly folk you keep for cold can sing and do their best—god knows we’re happy trying.
I’d hate to think that all these paper roses I spit up were wasted.
Funny, the angels in the songs were always fiercely white and strange,
that the girl in every part had something over-awful.
He has special powers, he can even nail both hands up; he’s got help in others, bodies, lovely, flowy armies.

The lyrics in the album invites the listener to take a deeper dive into what Careful has to say, other then good music. In the year of 2010, where most people would listen to this EP/the upcoming album on their way to work in all sots of way, Lindley is deserved to have patience for, and according to this wonderful EP, it looks like we’re into a good surprise.

Careful – Bounce
Careful – The Jawbone Song

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