Butterflys, Dreams, Guitars, And All That Psych-Folk-Drone Thing

Whenever a new instrumental acoustic guitar album reaches my ears, I’m always thrilled. I’m a sucker for new ideas of compositions on this instrument and always in search for inspiration from other musicians, to see how far they went in terms of innovation in their music. Acoustic solo guitar can be a tricky thing. It can be an imitation of the player’s heroes, but it can also carry a great surprise.

Tomo is a Japanese acoustic guitar player who just released his new album Butterfly Dreams and Other Guitar Works on the Sublevant label. This album is the perfect example for fusion of original ideas, familiar influences, and the artist’s own background.
Many reviews of my album, saw the fact that I’m Israeli who plays a very much American style, and treated it in great respect. In case of Tomo, his Japanese origin plays a significant role. You won’t hear Japanese music here, but his composition style is definitely inspired by it.

Tomo used to live in the US for couple of years where he was introduced to the fingerpicking style, from Bluegrass to Blues, a lot of Fahey and Basho, drone music, minimal, psychedelic (mind the 21 minutes acid test of Butterfly Dreams), Japanese Raga and more.
This album is a true masterpiece of an acoustic guitar, Tomo is a brilliant guitar player and composer and if you’re a fan of this style,  Butterfly Dreams is a must have on your shelf.

Tomo –  Ceremonial Music In Sheol
[RIYL] Jack Rose, Robbie Basho, John Fahey, C Joynes
[Further Reading] An interview with Tomo
[Buy] Sublevant

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