Building Shopping Malls

The music of Aussi Slug Guts has a sense of separation from the listener, as if they don’t want you to get close to them, just stay as observer and watch them from afar. The cold sound, the trashy drums,  the reverbs and delays, the somehow careless singing, all reveal an emotion of a will to disappear – themselves or their listeners.

I discovered their music when their superb previous album Howlin’ Gang was released in 2010 and was immediately hooked, I can appreciate their loneliness. Playing In Time With the Deadbeat was written on the road while touring Japan and US, and it is packed with road dust, band members tension, and endless moments of fun that long tours provides.

So anything you’d expect from Slug Guts is here again, strange, freighting and broken rocknroll/slow punk. Lots of Birthday Party, some Jeffrey Lee Pierce – you get the idea. More then anything, they sound much more assure of themselves, not testing the ground again, but rather building a shopping mall on it. Shopping malls are a good place to get lost in, and I think Jimi Kritzler, the singer, appreciates the concept.

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