Bobb Trimble’s Lost Album Finally Sees The Light

Bobb Trimble was for years a name that has been surrounding me whenever I was talking about psych rock in strange geeky forums.
Seems like everyone treated Bobb as best kept secret. It took me a while to get to listen to his music, but once I have – I fell in love.

Sort of a forgotten cult hero, known to only few, Trimble had released two masterpieces back in early eighties, that were very much a fusion between sort of neo-psych, kinda Robyn Hitchcock, with some garage but very much with a unique style.

For years, Trimble was known for these two albumsĀ  Iron Curtain Innocence and Harvest Of Dreams. Now, with the help of the new Yoga Records label (whom reissued one of the more important albums in the acid-folk genre, Ted Lucas solo album), Trimble releases his third, and lost albumĀ  – The Crippled Dog Band.

Some of the songs on the album were a result of relatively hasty studio sessions, and others were taken from a live performance. I can’t say much more about the album since I’ve haven’t heard it, but the release of this new lost album, is a good opportunity for many people, to get to know Trimble’s beautiful music, and break that ‘secret’ loop and get him out there.

Bobb Trimble – Undercovers Man

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