Blaclavas – In search of the perfect jazz tinged indie guitar

So the new rising band from the bizarre dark side of Huston, TX is Balacalvas.
After two ep’s and one remix ep released over the last two years, on what used to be called ‘private pressing’ and now simply called ‘limited edition cd-r’, the band is due to release its first album with Huston’s very own Dull Knife label.


The album Roman Holiday, and judging by the only song I’ve heard from it, might just be the new killer record to hit my laptop with sheer cruelty. The guitars on Night Worship are mysterious, soaked with a jazz touch while the vocals have the biggest reverb, far beyond anything Jim James could have imagined possible on It Still Moves.

Overall texture brings to mind bands like Karate and Sun City Girls, and the essence of many krautrock hours is present as well, and judging by the songs appears in the band’s myspace player – Night Worship is not one off attempt to mess with these districts.
Cannot say more then that as I didn’t listen to the record, by I can definitely say that Balaclavas has a refreshing sound, though the influences were there long before, it’s the mixture of elements who produce a fantastic song, and hopefully a terrific album.

Blaclavas – Night Worship

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