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I love when musicians are redefining genres. You all know what I’m talking about, musicians who pushed the boundaries of their genres a little further. When it comes to psychedelic and experimental pop, the Psychedelic Horseshit are doing a great job. Bird Names, in a way sounds like their Animal Collective-influenced evil brother.

Naming Names, the brand new Bird Names is a tiny psychedelic pop masterpiece. He mixes all sorts of influence (see below), Caribbean music and blues, classical music and Latin jazz. You won’t hear all these genres, but you can tell immediately┬áthat David Lineal‘s brain is fully packed with the best ingredients┬áthat make up this brilliant album (and his previous album as well).

The album was self released on a cassette, and it is also available on Bird Names Bandcamp.
When I asked David what inspires him, he answered with a big list which I was delighted to read:

I tend to listen to mostly old music, music with virtuosic playing, and (especially) vocal groups. Vocal groups I’ve been loving include the Delta Rhythm Boys, the Chordettes, the Boswell Sisters, the Mills Brothers, the Revelers. I love the crazy jazz chords and arrangements of these groups, and their comfortable senses of humor. I love Bo Diddley, the insane piano of Errol Garner and Art Tatum, the French tradition of romantic classical music, the likes of Ravel, Debussy, Stravinsky, Milhaud. I love female vocal pop, from the Shangri-Las to France Gall to Dolly Mixture. I love the no-bullshit testimony (and shredding electric guitars) of 1940s/50s country, hillbilly boogie, western swing, honky tonk— like Moon Mullican, Bob Wills, early Ray Price, Hank Williams. From the greater world I love Japanese Enka music, Afro-pop (King Sunny Ade, I.K. Dairo, Fela Kuti), mambo and latin jazz (Tito Puente, Perez Prado), island music (1st-wave ska, calypso, dub), and other folk musics I can get my ear on (Andean flute music, Greek rembetica, Cajun folk, early American Christian music).

Bird Names – Star Light

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